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Eventyr Dagorhir

The Why:

Why create a chapter locally? Well, the nearest chapter I could find was over 3 hours away. I also thought I could get enough people to play that it would make it worth while. It seems like it's working so far.
Why the name? Well, its Norwegien. It translates to "adventure" in English.
Why Dagorhir? Well, I looked into several rule sets and the Dagorhir rules seemed like the easiest to follow. Also webpage layout helps. I couldn't make heads or tails of some of the other sites. Also Dagorhir pads your weapons, not the person. This allows us more freedom in our garb than some other groups would allow. It also keeps us from forcing college students to buy something like fencing armor. Also, the game is not a LARP. A player is rewarded for his skill and not for having a level 20 demon of hell.

History of Our Club

We were officially signed into existance on 12/11/2003. The signing members of our chapter were William Ashcraft and Brett Kunkle.

Our Club Officers

William Ashcraft, Administrator, WebMaster
Brett Kunkle, Administrative Assistant